[Vaesen] The Lindworm Archives - Case 1: Led Astray (#8) (Englisch)

Sun, 19. May 24


Date: Sunday, 19. May 2024

Time: 19:30 o'clock


Location: https://www.twitch.tv/plastikl0effel


Zip and city:


Normalerweise stream ich ja auf deutsch, aber ich dachte mir wir machen mal was anderes!
Lindworm Archives wird also auf englisch gestreamed, nur um es nochmal klar auszuformulieren!
Also kriegt ihr auch den Teaser Text auf english (sorry not sorry)

Uppsala (Sweden) - After striking a deal with the Lindworm, that hatched in the empty shell of what is left of the once bustling Headquarter of the Artemis Society, Elliot has left castle Gyllencreutz behind to come to a nun's aid who sent for the society after things took a turn for the haunted at Sko Abbey. Sister Berggren thinks the devil has stepped into her home, but what really is behind these terrifying happenings will be something that Elliot has to figure out once he arrives.

Plastikloeffel - GM
Trollpogo/Pad - Elliot Drakenberg


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Written by plastikloeffel.


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