[Vaesen] The Lindworm Archives - Case 2: ??? (#1) (Englisch)

Fri, 19. Jul 24


Date: Friday, 19. July 2024

Time: 20 o'clock


Location: https://www.twitch.tv/plastikl0effel


Zip and city:


Normalerweise stream ich ja auf deutsch, aber ich dachte mir wir machen mal was anderes!
Lindworm Archives wird also auf englisch gestreamed, nur um es nochmal klar auszuformulieren!
Also kriegt ihr auch den Teaser Text auf english (sorry not sorry)

Uppsala (Sweden) - After trapping the Revenant back in the Mirror and saving the nuns of Sko Abbey is Elliot on his way back to Castle Gyllenkreutz. And he is not alone, Lina Blix has decided to join him as the castles carpenter.
Many new mysteries have risen from the ashes of the mirrors mystery. Who trapped the Revenant in it, who are these mysterious merchants that sold it to the former Abbess and how can Elliot safely destroy it, if that is even possble?
Plastikloeffel - GM
Trollpogo/Pad - Elliot Drakenberg


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Written by plastikloeffel.


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