[Vaesen] The Lindworm Archives (Prelude #5) (Englisch)

Sun, 28. May 23


Date: Sunday, 28. May 2023

Time: 19 o'clock


Location: https://www.twitch.tv/plastikl0effel


Zip and city:


Normalerweise stream ich ja auf deutsch, aber ich dachte mir wir machen mal was anderes!
Lindworm Archives wird also auf englisch gestreamed, nur um es nochmal klar auszuformulieren!
Also kriegt ihr auch den Teaser Text auf english (sorry not sorry)
Swedish Museum of Natural History (Stockholm) - Elliot Drakenberg, the museum archivist, is working day in and out on sorting just recently arrived excavation findings that are set to become a new exhibition soon.
Despite rumors and uproar from the museum staff about strange happenings surrounding the recent shipment Elliot decides to stay late into the night to catch up on the mounting work.
They are just rumors afterall. Until he hears something strange coming from the depth of the museum halls.
Plastikloeffel - GM

Trollpogo/Pad - Elliot Drakenberg


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Written by plastikloeffel.


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